Saturday, October 18, 2008


What a fun UEA. We did some fun stuff this weekend. Of course daddy had to work on Thursday, so we decided to take a day off from everything, yup you heard me right everything, that included cleaning well almost all cleaning, you know me I did have to have the kitchen clean that would have driven me crazy! Any way I let the kids do what ever they wanted which was TV in there PJ's, but by 12:00 they were still not dressed and still watching TV not to mention it was lunch time and they hadn't eaten breakfast. I gently got them up stairs to eat cereal at noon and said let go for a hike. WHAT they all said you don't hike mom! We went up to the Bonneville trail and went down to the hang gliding park! on the way home they wanted to play at the park so we did, what a gorgeous day!

Friday we went to the state swim competition for special Olympics (the last event till March thank goodness) Tanner won a silver and a bronze pretty good for state! Then up to Park City to play at the Marriott with Nana and Papa, the kids swam and played in the arcade all day and into the night, they had so much fun! and I loved talking to my mom for hours with out the kids to bug us:).


Annie said...

Congratulations Tanner!

laura kate said...

What a fun mom! Just the down time you need with all the activities you have going on.

jerseygirl said...

hi! okay, I'm so jealous I started crying and I'm PMSing. I love that you got out with the boys and hiked. And spent time with mom. She told me she had a blast with you too. And Tanner is as always, AWESOME! love you guys have a good week. Marc