Friday, October 24, 2008

4 things

I'm copying this from an email I was sent and thought it's a great way to document my daily life in Oct 08.

4 favorite T.V. shows
Desperate housewives, House, Top Design, Jon and Kate pulse eight

4 of my favorite places to eat
Happy Sumo, Rumbies, Cheesecake Factory, Red Rock
4 things that happen yesterday
washed my car finally, Saw my granny, went to Austins first swim meet (he was 3 in his race), made the best little meat pockets for dinner club,

4 things I am looking forward to
Thanksgiving at the Inkley's (yea its not at my house this year), Lacrosse being over, basketball beginning, Christmas shopping.

4 things I love about Fall
the colors on the mountain behind our house, the cooler days, raking leaves, warm soup by the fire.

4 things on my wish list
white leather gloves (I know so practical), gas food clothes prices to go down, to stay very healthy this winter, and of course world peace:)

4 things I wish my kids would do
kiss me in public (OK tanner still does this), do there jobs with me not having to ask them plead then beg or yell, play quietly down stair for more than 30 min., say mom what can I do for you today. (I know, but it said wish list)
4 things on my bucket list
Go to London with Bryan to see his mission, see all my kids married in the temple, Go to Greece with the neighborhood travel group, Take Bryan to Hawaii to show him where I lived for 6 months (BYU Hawaii)


jerseygirl said...

good list. we'll meet you in Hawaii, Bob's never been either. have a good weekend!

Catherine said...

If Bryan doesn't want to go to Hawaii, there's always me!!