Thursday, October 30, 2008

sports sports and more sports

Britton's last Lacrosse game was Saturday I don't know if I should be excited about not having to go to 2 hr. practices 2 times a week plus Saturday games or if I should be sad cause I loved to see him play. I think out of all the sports my kids have played I love Lacrosse the best. Britton is getting really good, and in a few years who knows he might get to play for the big boys go BYU!

Austin is now swimming in meets for Alta swim team he does really well in the sprints. Last week he came in third in his heat for the 50 meter and this week he came in second, he keeps beating his times so that's all he cares about. Go Alta! In two weeks Tanner and Britton will start Basketball with the neighbor boys, they are so excited, they play on Mon, so I guess we can count that for family home evening for the next couple of months right?

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jerseygirl said...

Good job boys!! love you, wish I could be there to watch all the games. But I'm cheering for you across the country.