Saturday, November 8, 2008

Gap friends and family

Ok friend and family is coming right up and I don't have email address for some of you. I did get some hard copies of the postcard this time so let me know if you need one or just drop by to my house to get one. It a good one this time 30% off GAP, Old Navy, and Banana even up at the outlets. Marcee, Haylee and Annie did you get yours? if not I'll mail you one! I love all my friends and family! Happy shopping and Merry Christmas! can I say that before Thanksgiving?


jerseygirl said...

thanks Mich I got your email!

Catherine said...

You sure can say that! Michelle, don't be alarmed when your across the street neighbor has her tree up after church tomorrow!! I love this season and I am SOOOO into it this year!

laura kate said...

Yippy! If you have an extra I would love to have one. (You could tie a bow around it and count your neighbor gift done.)