Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cruisin' to Cabo

OK I was not excited to go on this little 5 day cruise. It went to Cabo San Lucas and Ensenada. We went with a bunch of people from Bryan's work, the programmers earned a cruise for working so hard in 2008. I met some really nice people that Bryan works with, its so fascinating to see other peoples point of views we are all so different, (that's a great thing).

First stop Cabo, its so beautiful, I loved lovers beach. we were drooped off after paying a water taxi 20 bucks in hopes he would come back at the right time to pick us up. He took us around the most southern point of the Baha peninsula. we saw tons of sea lions pelicans and whales it was so amazing. the beach is between to huge rock formations so lots of sun and shade, I saw more fish here in Mexico than in the Caribbean, however the water is not very clear and its FREEZING! Did I mention the water is very cold?

We saw a lot of sea lions and they were sure loud when we stoped to look at them from the boat, I did take a lot of pictures of them, when we got back to the boat Bry said "you took two pictures of the arch that took millions of years to create and about 20 of the sea loins" I guess I got carried away.

The pelicans were so gross the whole rock was white from well you know, I boat driver didn't speak much English and when I asked him why there were so many pelicans he shrugged his shoulders and said lots of fish. Makes sense.
then it was off to Ensenada, there was a group that had been two weeks previous to our cruise, they had found this little out of the way empanada place. It was so good, i was a little nervous to eat local food but it was so yummy! I would eat that every day for lunch if I could. And believe it or not I did not get sick, what a relief!
Ok I was taken off guard a little when Bry took this picture but look how cute and small it is, it had a bar that went all the way around in a U shape and they cooked right in front of you, it was pretty fun. We rented golf carts and off we went to explore the city, we saw a great Cathedral, it was so beautiful, still couldn't hold a candle to the Draper temple.


jerseygirl said...

How FUN!!! I'm so jealous. I'm glad you had such a great time. Looks so fun and nice just to get out of the cold. So I guess you didn't make it to Cali. to stay w/mom and dad? I can't wait to see you, two more week and counting every second. I'll call you and we'll plan something.

Lanae said...

You lucky girl!! How fun, and to get out of this cold weather for a while. Good for you guys.
I hope we can all go on a big cruise again like we did a year or so again... such a fun group and such a fun trip.
Glad you had a great time!