Saturday, July 18, 2009

July must be lets play out side month

Lets get out side! That's all Bry and kids have done this month play, fish, hike, the more sunburned the kids are the more fun they must be having.

Ever since it has been summer Bry has tried to get out of the house away from work and into nature, or off with family or on Business trips, the point is he always gone. First he took the boys fishing for a few days first to they didn't catch to many fish the first day but at they caught 5 fish. yummy can't wait to fry them up. Off to a bee's game to sit on the grass. The boys had a blast, they love to go to sporting events. I do think Taylor had more fun on the train.

Pops in the Park Down at Thanks giving pointBry took me to the symphony pops down at Thanks giving point. I love going to out door concerts they are so beautiful. I loving needing a jacket and watching the sunset while listing to great music, I know Bry was a little board but I loved every minute of the evening. Can't wait to do it again.Now he is in Dallas playing golf and talking to the ladies at Mary Kay (his least favorite convention) He gets home Mon. night then he is off to hike in the mountains with his buddies on Thursday to Saturday. I just hope that he will be here in Aug, there is a honey due list a mile long!


jerseygirl said...

how fun, I love that Bryan likes to spend every second with the boys. And it gives you some time for yourself. Sounds like the boys are having a great summer. How was the fish?

Lanae said...

Look at you go! I love Moab; it's been a while since we've been but you've inspired me!
Glad I got to see you at dinner with the girls. We'll have to get back on the weekly McD's schedule again soon :-)