Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Girls weekend 09

There are no two more wonderful words in the whole English language than GIRLS WEEKEND. We have been doing this for a long long time. I think this is our 9th year. Julie correct me if I'm wrong. We go up to park city just far enough away that we are not too accessible and close enough that it doesn't take us all day to get there and get settled in. Our schedules look a little like this. Eat lunch shop eat dinner shop eat midnight snack and talk till 1am. Sometimes it varies like this year we did fit in a movie. Some times we do projects like scrap booking or sewing. We like to watch all the T.V. we are not allowed to watch at home like The girls next door or the Kardashians. All the gossip mags are on the coffee table while the top 10 is being broadcast from the style net work. And at the end of the weekend we are happy with side aches from laughing so hard and hang overs from no sleep not to mention the dark circles. but we are a little more relaxed and ready to come back home to our wonderful family's who let us get away for a minute. We appreciate them more when we are away from them for a spell, it should be mandatory that moms get a weekend every other month, that sounds about right. what do you think?


Annie said...

i'm pretty sure it is 10 or 11 years. Remember me doing the pump and dump for Natalie? She is almost 10!!! And that was our 2nd or 3rd year. Miss you guys!

jerseygirl said...

how fun!! yes, a get away to Park City is the best cure for anything. Glad you had fun! and I love when you come visit. A packed fun filled week is just what I need after months of nothing but work, so I loooove it!