Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter Wedding

My cute neighbor came over a few weeks ago and said that her friend was getting married in 3 weeks and could I help.  The bride wanted a hot chocolate bar, she already purchased ornaments for something she didn't know what and the vases for the tables.  The colors were metals and lavender.  I thought  an ornament wall would be darling so I glittered some ornaments with purple glitter, and modpodged some with purple hounds tooth. so cute wish I had a close up.

I love making banners this one turned out so cute I had a crystal at the bottom of each letter (hard to see)

So the trick was working in the stove.  I had no idea what the venue looked like, when I saw this I almost started to cry.  We took down the bows in the center (too much)

 all the toppings were in these darling chocolate colored glasses.

  This was taken the night before so all the food was not placed, but once all the cookies and cake stands were in place it was darling.

 For the last party I did I used book paper wreaths so I took one of my extra ones and spray painted it copper wow it was so fun at the sign in table.

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Most Happy Girl said...

So darling. Your creativity is amazing.