Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Family Trip to Capistrano part 1

love love love Capistrano. we go every other year with our family and all the cousins.  I love getting to see my sister from New Jersey and my brother from Laton what a delightful week.

 The boys loved to fish they caught 7 baby sharks and one other fish (don't know what it was).  Bry would wake up early and fish while I ran on the beach (well jogged slowly)

and we booie boarded and skimboarded. (more on that later)
 We  or should I say all the boys (girls stayed home and talked) took the kids to the tied pools they saw lots of fun stuff star fishes prickly things bugs crabs  Tay had a blast!

The kids played and the adults read our books.  We would fight over who has to cook and clean up just like when we were growing up :) and we did NOTHING,  My friends have asked me all week what did you do? weeeelllll..... nothing!!! we did go to the pier once but that was only to take photos of the kids by the woody cars (which had just left)  and once more on the way out of town to get their shirts. 

We did go to Lego Land I'll post that soon.  We just looked for sea glass and took long walks and ate and slept in the sun on the beach and read and ate (did I say that already?)  Some times its good not to have to do any thing but just sit and stare out into the ocean!!!!

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Jennifer said...

Looks like everyone had a great time. I am ready for a beach vacation right about now!