Monday, June 18, 2012

A transfer for Austin

well it was a up and down week.
Monday. last p day in Greece.
we went golfing and i sucked it up and then went to a farewell party for a missionary that is going to Italy. then went for the last lesson for Betty. i was scared that i was to far away to come back and baptize her next Saturday. Luckily i can.
transfers that was all that we did. it was a 2 and a half hour drive to were I'm living in the middle of nowhere Freedom NY, there are more cows, goats and horses then any thing. but it is country so what do you expect. then went to meet the branch there are only about 50 people that go to church out here so we have a lot of work to do.
Wednesday. went and met some more people tracked to try to find new people it was hard no one wants to listen to us so i have really been fasting and praying for some new investos.
Thursday. nothing but pageant tracking. that got me really hipped up i cant wait for pageant. it is going to be so awesome. then meet some new people.
Friday. meet with a lot of RC resent converts and got a new investo so that was awesome.
Saturday. did a serves project that was supposed to take about 2 hours but took all day. had to paint this house but they didn't have the right things so it took forever.
Sunday was good but it was really long went to Kelly's a RC and she was awesome feed us so we did alot of good things she is the only Mormon in here family and now her family is really opening up and talking to us to that was good.
sorry not alot this week. was slow with the transfers and all the tracking but everyone keep going it can only get better.

 Austin found a sign for Britton it is even spelled right!

Austin in the sacred grove.  He loves taking investigators there.  But now will be too far away, I feel so bad what's a mama to do??? I so wish i could make him feel better about the country life and a new companion.
Good bey Elder Stokes Austin will miss you so much I know how much he loved you.  What a wonderful trainer you were for him, Thanks for keeping him humble and on the right track.

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Lanae said...

What an awesome missionary! I'm sure you're a proud mama!!!