Monday, August 13, 2012


Wow, what are we thinking? a new house that needs paint, fixing up, new flooring, railings, walls that need to be put up and taken out.... We have our work cut out for us!!  here are a few of the befores and I'm sure I will post a lot of the afters!! The kitchen will be painted white with a new stove and that hood and rock GONE asap.  however the counters have to stay till next summer when we can save up a bit for nice granite.

 This funky laundry room is now totally gutted the closet from my office is gone (where am I going to put all my crap!!)  and that funny corner thing will soon be a small sink. I think my beautiful washer and dryer will be happy in this space when its done.

this wall will be covered in dry wall in fact my wall guy is at my house putting it up as I type!

Bey bey fireplace and stairs I'm so nervous it wont get done and we will have to live like this!! I'll keep ya posted on the progress.

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