Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Austin's update at 7 months out

Here are just a few things from Austins week.  He is having great success in New York.  I'm sure he wishes that he could baptize some one every week like in Africa but he is really keeping his head up and doing all he can do there.  I'm amazed how much he has grown and what a great leader he is already only 7 months in.  I'm really proud of all the baptisms he already has had and the few that are on paper and ready to go for this month. 

Wednesday. we meet with Freddy and Liz the couple that we are working with, they are officially getting married now on the 29th of Sep and their baptism will be the 13 of Oct.  that is going to be really neat.We tracked a bit and, found someone to teach that was the first time in along time.  we pray all the time for people to be put in our way and this time it actually happened. we have a lot of investo's that are not going anywhere and Jacob is one of them. He is a really good guy but we have asked him to do so much and he just wont do it.  its not hard to really come to church 1 a week for an hour. so we meet with him and told him that he needs to decide if he wants this or not. he said that he did and we read with him, the spirit was really strong and that was so awesome. had dinner again at Kelly's but this one was planed not spur of the moment.

 (not sure this is what is suppose to be on his desk??) and who's that girl?)

 Saturday. we went tracking again and found 2 more people and that was awesome. tracking this week has been such a faith builder for tracking. we went and helped Matt and he loved it so much that he wanted to cook for us, but we had a dinner apt. so he feed us Sunday. then went to Freddy and Liz's that was just crazy all the stuff that they had to do for the wedding, we just read with them so that they could feel the spirit because it is so crazy to get distracted in this world and reading the bom is usually not on peoples to do list so we made sure that we read with them.
                                   (driving in the truck, he hates the truck!!)

Austin did not get transferred as he wishes I think.  He so wants to use his sign language, I hope that he is happy where he is at and loves the people, I sounds like he does so I'll just go with that.  He doesn't complain and he is always so positive when he writes.  We are over the 6 month hump and its still hard, we miss him and his crazy personality making us all laugh.  But hes where he needs to be and I know it will make him into a fantastic man!!

(Well it looks clean I sure hope it stays like this most of the time)

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Jennifer said...

I hope he gets a chance to use his sign language soon. Thanks for sharing about his missionary experiences.