Saturday, July 12, 2008


we have been having a blast this summer. It started with me doing a musical, yes I know I'm pushing 40 but it was so much fun. It was called Meanwhile back at the castle. I was the wicked step mother, how perfect!
we have been swimming at least twice a week if not three times. This month is the start of camps boys camp this comming week and them girls camp over the 24th of July. Britton is going to day camp this week too, so it's up to me and TayTay to hold the fort down.
Marcee is comming on the 20th I'm so excited to see her and Macy.

we are putting up bead board in the kitchen and painting and in gerneral making a mess, it looks so bad I hope it turns out ok.
Well this summer has been great so far i cant wait to see what is coming up next.


Annie said...

I am so glad you are posting! Thanks for doing lunch on Monday. The girls were reminded how much they love you!

inkley boys said...

ok i am so new at this i would love to have a link on my blog to yours but i'm not sure how to do that or if i need your permision or if i do it on my end. ok that was a runon sentance. miss you and loved to have you and your girls over. see you soon at girls weekend.
love michelle