Thursday, August 28, 2008

I am exhausted I spent all morning at the dentist with Taylor filling up all his teeth with silver, OK not all but 4 they had to give him that sleep juice and when he woke up he threw up and then again in the car, and then again when I was walking into the school to count fun run money for the PTA. He sat in the corner and drew pictures for an hour then started to feel better. By one o'clock he was ready to go to his class, I was still at the school so I just walked him down the hall. by 3:30 we were done YEA! we only made about 16,000 $ which is 4,000 shy of what we needed so we will see if any more money trickles in. I was just looking forward to the play tonight and Bryan told me he canceled and moved our tickets to Sep 12, because our Friends couldn't go with us tonight, I'm so sad! o-well hot bath and magazines here I come, well in a few hours after dinner homework and cleaning the kitchen:)

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Annie said...

Olivia has two cavities to be filled next week. I feel your pain!