Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day

Bry is out of town camping up in the Unitas. I bet he is cold! He won't be home till Wed, late night. Last week we to see the temple in Draper we ate on the grass and talked about when it's finished we can do baptisms for the dead with the kids. Today I'm tending a neighbor girl and I have play group then drop off then PTA meeting then volunteer at 3-4 then off to work at 7:00-10:00. I keep saying that if I can just get to next week things will be better, but then next week comes and its still just so busy! I can't wait to get the shower over with and the triathlon then it will slow down its got to:)


jerseygirl said...

Hi, cute pictures! hope you last till Bryan comes home. We miss you

Lisa Cannon said...

What a great activity! Your boys are absolutely darling. Can I steal the small red head?

Melissa said...

hey lady! didn't know you had a blog.
i've missed you all summer. looks like you had a fun one.
talk soon!