Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bryan is home from the Unitas. His photos look so beautiful I all-most want to hike up there next year, I did say almost right? The school fun run is over and it was such a hit! we all ran a mile and the kids all got school tee shirts because we made our goal of 12,000$ we actually made 17,000$ which is 5,000 short of what we need for the year. So I guess we need to do another little fund raiser Yuck!

I also did my triathlon this past Saturday and did OK. I did it in 1hr and 24.9 min I didn't come in first but was not last,(that was my fear) I think know that I have done one I will defiantly do another one, and I will be asking for my own road bike for Christmas so I don't have to use Bryan or Kristi's any more.

So I thought that after my two weeks of complete Hell pardon my french, life would slow down, we have lacrosse M W F and games on Saturdays I still will be working and now I have to focus all my energy on this wedding of my niece, but It does seem a little bit slower.

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jerseygirl said...

good job on the triathlon. I'm so proud of you. I hope you can come in October, let me know and I'll get time off. Hope everyone is doing good, love ya!