Monday, September 15, 2008

go for the gold!

Yea Tanner! he participated in the special Olympics this past Saturday and won a Gold! He played his favorite sport Golf, it was hit from the best shot so 90% of the time they hit from dads shot. I think Bryan was pretty proud that he got a gold medal as well. Britton also played his first lacrosse game and scored a goal Yea Britton! Bryan had the camera so I didn't get any photos of Britton, but will get some at the next game. If anybody knows how to get photos off your camera let me know.


jerseygirl said...

go Tanner, good job. And Britton!! we are so proud of all your boys. They are so cute and talented. I love looking at all your fun pics, keep it up!

Larson Family said...

GO Tanner!! What a neat family and such cute boys.