Thursday, September 18, 2008

as I was sitting here thinking that my birthday is coming up. I wondered what was my favorite thing I did this year! of course hands down is the cruise we went on in May with our dear Friends. The whole week was a piece of Paradise that I will never forget, but also I loved all the little things like being by the water, whether it be at the ocean or up Provo canyon by the river.
One of my favorite things to do in the summer is sit on our deck and watch the sun set (now it doesn't look like it did in the Caribbean but still its nice) I love to talk to Bryan and sometimes when Tay would sneak out of bed because, hey, it's still light at 9:30 in the summer. We would cuddle on the porch with his blue blanket and monkey! really I think that will be the last summer he will do that, he is 5.
And every time I think of fun things I have done it has always been with great friends, dinner at neighbors houses on Sundays birthday lunches, talking for a few minutes out side while my bare feet were burning on the sidewalk, the annual crab fest put on by the Henry's. My kids biking and playing football. Austin playing tennis with me this past summer,(he's getting good). And spending lots of time with my sweet granny who always makes me smile!
life is so great and I'm so blessed with family and friends who love me and support me in all my crazy projects and jobs. I hope next year will be even better here's to turning 38!


jerseygirl said...

Happy Birthday on Monday!I hope you have a great day (that's not too busy) What a cute blog and pictures. It is so fun to catch up this way. love you.

Annie said...

Happy Birthday! I keep thinking I missed it! You are not allowed to post any pictures of "the girls" without photoshopping me in!!!!

Melissa said...

Happy snappy birthday! Sounds like a fab year. Hope the next is even better!