Tuesday, September 23, 2008

brittanys wedding

what a weekend! Brittany's wedding is finally over. the phone calls and stress, getting the deco. It turned out beautiful, even though for months we have been telling her to have it in a reception hall or the church (which she violently opposed, can you blame her?) It rained hard and we had to squish under the tents and gazebo. But I don't think she cared much, and off they went on the honeymoon with big smiles!

I did call the mother in law who took the 300$ wedding cake home with her, to say not cool. I was very nice and sweet but still the poor Inkley's, they get so walked on because they are so wonderfuly nice. Now I'm looking forward to girls weekend in Oct. Yea it can't come soon enough!

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jerseygirl said...

looks like you did a great job on the wedding. So pretty! thanks for calling, its always so fun to talk. have fun over girls weekend, I'm jealous.