Monday, January 5, 2009

Austin is 16 Yikes!

Ok so I wanted Bryan to wright this blog cause he is the one who went with Austin. All I have to go on is the pictures and Austins words or it was so Awesome when can we do it again? It looked like so much fun I would love to try it one day maybe an exalted date night, does anyone want to come? After they flew they went surfing on the flow rider, bry and I have done this on a Cruise ship and it was so much fun, we spent hours there every day it was fun to see everybody wipe out! Here inside you can surf for hours no long lines or tan lines (I don't know if thats such a great thing)

This is Ashley Anderson a family friend, her dad works with Bryan and we have been hanging out with their family for years, she is so cute and not yet 16 so of course all the dads plus grandpa went with them to act as chaperons.


Lanae said...

Can I come to the next birthday party, please???
Now that just looks like a riot - I need to find out more about this place. Happy 16th birthday to Austin!

jerseygirl said...

that is so awesome. Dad said they all had so much fun and laughed!! It looks like a riot. And cute Austin!! Is this an official first date?? How is the driving going? I can't believe he's sixteen. WOW!! love ya and see you soon, Feb 14th!!!!