Wednesday, January 7, 2009

one little word

I love to scrapbook and I got this idea for scrap booking but I will use it on my blog this year. I sat down and wrote some of my favorite words, once a week I will use that word and create a scrapbook page or blog entry about one of my wonderful words. Here are a few or a lot of the ones I just love!

valor sparkle motivation unplug tackle observe seasons priceless refine serendipity reflect present favorite sanctuary simplify thrive perspective delight adore inspire why adventure pray enjoy life welcome glow surprise light serene truthful flourish Peace life perfect delight treasure listen precious sunshine carpe diem grace forgive wait cheerfulness joy thankful journey optimistic harmony relax love complete vibrant moments pause organized worship play cozy strength illuminate complete.

I'm sure as the weeks go on I will write more on my favorite word card. I hope it will help me to live a little bit deeper and fuller. I have a great life I want my goal this year to be to focus on having a richer life by being more grateful for what I all ready have.


jerseygirl said...

great words, cute picture of you and dad, miss you!

jerseygirl said...

way cute background, go Michelle!

laura kate said...

super idea. I'd love to come by and look through your scrapbooks to find inspiration and motivation. p.s. thanks for a noah break, your boys are too kind!