Monday, March 30, 2009

My husband rocks!

My husband is so sweet. My neck has been bugging me for a week now, making me crazy (or more crazy than I all ready am) So he came home from Austins lacrosse game on Sat with a surprise for me. He gave me two fun magazines and sent me off to Starbucks with a gift card to get a yummy drink (banana smoothie) then at 3:30 he told me to read this card. It said go down to the spa and get a massage. Isn't that sweet? either he feels guilty cause he gets one every week from work or he is sick of me complaining of the pain. Either way it was wonderful, I'm so lucky!


Lanae said...

Yeah, you have a keeper :-)
I'm glad I got to see you at the Cahoon's the other day. You're always smiling and it's so contagious. And YES we are going to be in Mesquite - can't even wait. Sunshine and warm weather!!

jerseygirl said...

okay, where did Bry come from? glad you had such a great day, I love when they surprise you like that.