Wednesday, March 18, 2009

just look at our lucky charms!

We have a tradition in our family where we decorate a box and leave it out for the leprechauns. Sometimes the leprechauns will do silly things, like make messes and sometimes they leave treats in the box. One year we didn't find the box for 2 days it was hidden so well! With all the red hair you would think there would be some Irish in us, nope just Norwegian and English. Top of the morn to ya!


James and Cami said...

Well aren't you just a cute mom! You got one creative leprecun visiting your place!

jerseygirl said...

good idea with the box. I started the whole leprechaun thing three years ago and really wished I hadn't. But its fun for the kids. The leprechaun also makes a mess (usually w/confetti) what am I thinking and leaves a gift. It looks like Britton and Tanner had a lot of fun.Rollo's yum!!

Lanae said...

Happy St. Patties day to you! That's a fun tradition; I need to start a few of my own. Next year I'm calling you for ideas :-)