Tuesday, March 10, 2009


OK today is suppose to be the day I go to see my granny. But....... Tanner woke up at 3:00am coughing and coughing he didn't want to go to be so he sleped on the couch. I then tried to go back to sleep but could not so went to the gym at 4:30am you heard right, and yes I am crazy! I get home at 7:15 and Britton said he was sick and Tay said he had a tummy ache, so I guess I wasn't going anywhere. Then Tanner was like I want to go to school I feel good, he wasn't coughing any more so I thought OK. Britton looked fine and just said his head hurt, I thought (you are so faking) I made him go to school. I just dropped off Tanner and was getting on the freeway to go to Bountiful, when Bry called and said that Britton felt sick and wants to come home, so off the freeway I came turned around and picked him up. So now my cute little granny is alone today and I feel so bad. Tay says he wants to go to school so I guess I'm going to let him. As Tay was getting on the bus I get a call (I'm not kidding) that Tanner had fallen in the bathroom and hurt his arm, and he won't stop crying. So off I went again to Crescent View to pick him up. I didn't look broken or out of joint or anything so I just gave him some ibuprofen and an icepack when we got home:(

so that was my morning and afternoon, since I'm home today I decided to try out some gourmet cupcakes. I am planning my Nieces wedding shower and we are doing cupcakes and little mini cakes . So for research purposes I'm making the chocolate mint ganosh filled cupcake today. This is the problem It calls for 5 sticks of butter and 8 eggs um can you say cholesterol? but just look at the finished product and can I just say they taste like heaven. these are totally going in the keeper file! If you live by me come on over I will never eat these all. just looking at them I've gained 10lbs. :)


jerseygirl said...

oh my goodness, I think my days are hectic. How do you do it?? Your cupcakes look beautiful, if I lived anywhere in the premises I would be there, 10lbs and all!!

Lanae said...

First - are your boys feeling better (I sure hope so), 2nd - you're a crazy woman; that's WAY too early for most people, 3rd - I want to try one of those yummy cupcakes!