Monday, May 4, 2009

How Sweet Chauntal and Leif

Last Saturday I gave my niece a bridal shower. She is having an elegant Wedding dinner for family instead of a reception so the shower was open to one and all (about 50 people). She loves bright colors so I chose hot pink, yellow, lime and orange. I loved it, the colors were great and went well with Gerber daisies (my favorite flower). It was all about SWEET. How Sweet Chauntal and Leif. We had an open house and ate chicken salad sandwiches, salads fruit and veg all with wonderful home made dips. Best of all was the dessert table I made lemon bars my yummy orange brownies and mini almond bunt cakes, we had banana bread and Costco cream puffs and her sister inlaw made a darling little cake. I wish we could have had it outside under the two white tents but with the rain we moved indoors. I did hang some of the lanterns inside from the ceiling but I had about 10 more that never got used so sad:( also the cute outdoor urns that never got used.) All in all it went off beautifully and she was so sweet!


jerseygirl said...

what a cute shower, you always do a great job, you should be a party planner, we could go into business together!! I love the colors too and now you can have your own cute party!

laura kate said...

That is a fun color combo for a shower. Thanks again for coming and giving your advice today. It will be the never ending project.