Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New York New York

On the beach at Atlantic City boardwalk. we were so hot. It was suppose to have rained so we thought we would get out of town and go to the boardwalk. I didn't think to bring a swimsuit not that I could have fit into one right now. We had fun watching Macy play in the water and just relaxed on the beach listening to the wave for a good part of the afternoon!

On the beach at sunset the night we checked in it was beautiful. I loved the boardwalk at night!

New York was soooooo much fun, We crammed so much in the short time I was there. I was also surprised how much fun I had in New Jersey what a beautiful state. We went down to Atlantic City and stayed over a night and did the boardwalk the mall and the beach, we didn't how ever get to the ginormous outlets that are right there o-well maybe next time.

We went to Smithville which was so darling look at the ducks they came right up to us. Macy was scared of them and I said they are scared of you and won't even come up to you, I was wrong they walk right up to you and pecked you and if you had food look out!

Wicked my favorite show in all the world I could have watched it over and over again this was only my second time seeing it and I would pay 150$ to go again!!!! I loved going up to the top of the NBC building "The Rock" we saw the sun set and the lights come on the empire state building red white and blue for memorial day. We could see clear to New Jersey and the tops of all the buildings so fun. OK Roxie's Cheesecake is better than you know what!!! Cheesecake factory is so yucky in comparison. I'm not kidding I will be craving that creamy ginormous cheese cake for months to come! We loved going to the street fair talk about great shopping. we had the best chicken empanadas and this smoothie was so yummy! I could have stayed all day but we had to get to the show, I guess they do street fairs all summer on Sundays what a fun thing to be walking down the streets "literally" doing what I do best shopping! so thank you marcee can't wait to do it again soon!


Lanae said...

How fun! I didn't know you headed off to NY. I've never been there before - but one day! Looks like you had a riot.

jerseygirl said...

we had fun didn't we. love you!

Most Happy Girl said...

Looks like so much fun. I love New York!

GregHansenfam said...

It looks like you had so much fun! You look great! I can't wait to see Wicked.