Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm finished with my first summer project!

this is my sideboard before the paint. Bryan built this for me 5 years ago with MDF and its too heavy to move so I had to paint it with a brush so its not as smooth as I would like.

Ok I painted my table it took 3 days. I had to sand it, take it apart and spray it with primer and 2 coats of paint. I think it turned out OK. I still need to find the knobs (they will be glass) and some cool stuff to put on it as the old stuff looks tired and out dated. Any way it was way fun to do and I can't wait to paint the wall upstairs.

I do however need to paint the bathrooms. Bry surprised me when I went to New York with a new bathroom color. I think its a little bit nursery blue and needs to be toned down a little. I have chosen a beautiful light gray green that will be beautiful. It looks like I will be painting all summer long. good thing I love projects!

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laura kate said...

Looks great! I wish I had half your energy, motivation, and talent. We barely (actually josh) finished 2 rooms of the new house and our completely burned out. Here's to next summer.