Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chauntels wedding

Chauntel was just a little girl when I got married and just look at her now all grown up and starting her married life with Leif.I love weddings, especially when I don't have to do anything but show up! Chauntel got married in the Salt Lake Temple on May 16th. She looked so beautiful. They looked so happy to get started on their life together. It just seems like yesterday that Bry and I were getting married, but that was 19 years ago this June. Time just flies by, where does it go. what have I done in those 19 years?
could I be any skinner? and whats with Bryan and hair I can't believe he ever had any:) Raising my four boys. Some times I think back on what I might have done different, but I should not remember the "could have bens" I must remember the wonderful little things that passes by me unappreciated, like warm Lacrosse games, good friend lunches, long talks with Bryan on the porch, my kids playing with water balloons all summer long. We forget the little things and seem to focus on all the big woes of the day. My goal is to look closer at the small and meaningful things in my life right now. My church my family and my friends all dear and all loved because of all the wonderful little things they bring into my life.


Most Happy Girl said...

You still look fabulous! I hope I look as good when Russ and I have been married 19 years. :)

laura kate said...

Oh those pictures are priceless! You guys were just young babes when you got married. I'm a bit jealous...I always wanted to be the cute young mom, hip young grandma at this point I will have to just settle being a middle-aged mom and pray I can make it to see some grandkids. (Not that your anywhere close to grandma age its just I can imagine how hip and fun you would be with your young start)(p.s. noah has been praying for taylor to be his friend still...I think we need to plan a playdate soon!)

jerseygirl said...

great pictures, now those brought back some memories. You are the greatest sister, mom, friends in the whole...have fun in Cali!