Monday, June 22, 2009

Capistrano 2009

this years Capistrano trip was just delightful! We didn't have any big plans, we just thought we would do what we wanted to do this year, so that is exactly what we did. We drove down on Friday and played in the ocean that night and

universal was so much fun I didn't think the kids would like it as much as Disney Land but they did. I love that we have the VIP pass we got to the front of every line. We did everything 2 and 3 times, probably because we spent 2 days there.

eat me eat me that's what Tay kept saying, and Austin chimed in with Yeah eat him!

We ate smores with peanut butter on the beach m0st nights, so yummy my mouth is watering just thinking about it! Papa took me and Austin to Crystal cove and we got the most beautiful sea shells!
Bry had always wanted to fish of the shore, so this year I said stop talking about it and just do it! he and the kids caught 10 reef sharks and one Manta Ray. We let them all go and then I got thinking this is where my kids are boogie boarding scary!

Why do I live in Utah? I love love love California. I think the only way I would live there would be if I was on the beach or could see the ocean from my deck! I love the ocean, it is so soothing. We slept with the windows open and were awakened in the middle of the night by some crashing waves, but were soon lulled back to sleep.
The first day I spent in the louge chair, my poor mom had to play 50 games of go fish with Tay cause I didn't want to move. I read three books in a week that has got to be my record! I could spend hours looking at the waves walking in the waves looking for sea glass we found a lot of little ones and a few big pieces. That is the number one place time looking for sea glass, My mom said if anyone found a red piece she would give us 25$ that's how rare and hard to find it is. Bry did find one tiny tiny piece but wouldn't sell it. It took us 7 years at the beach house to find one so I guess he thinks he's pretty special.
We celebrated our 19 wedding anniversary eating Sushi at a shee-shee restaurant down at Dana Point called, it was so yummy I could eat the tuna plain with nothing else it melted in my mouth!


Lanae said...

What a fun trip! And Happy Anniversary - what a great way to celebrate. It looks like you all had a blast.

jerseygirl said...

How fun, I'm glad you're back safe. What a cool shark!! Looks like you guys had so much fun and I love the t-shirt picture. I have to send one to dad with Macy wearing hers. It was cute of them to get her one even though we didn't go. They turned out really cute. talk to you soon..