Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bye Bye lacrosse hello swim team!

Lacross is over, I don't know how I feel about that, I
had so much fun watching Britton this year.  I like that they are getting better and learning the game.  He is still one of the smallest kids on the team but does have the heart to play hard!  He started off as the goalie but then wanted to play middy too, so in the end he choose middy,..... after we spent hundreds of dollars on the goalie equipment, isn't that how it goes?

Swim season is upon us and its so fun to watch Austin swim his races.  The meets are in the day so somtimes its hard to be at all of them but other than the clorine smell its great to see him work so hard and improve on his skills.  We got an email from his coach saying that Austin works realy hard  and is one of the most improved swimmers on the team.  He is a natural leader and has fun leading lane 3 in their drills. Austin is hoping that swimming will strengthen his arms for spring lacrosse!

Utah football games are over the boys had so mcuh fun going to all the games with Bry.  I love that they get to spend time with Bry and Papa and uncle Buddy!  Loved that BYU won that last game sorry boys!!!   Watch out Christmas is up next I hope I'm ready for it!


Lanae said...

WOW! I can just read your blog and that gives me a glimpse of what life will be like around here in a few years (lots of boys and lots of sports). You're amazing - always keeping those kids so busy.
Happy holidays and hope to see ya soon.

jerseygirl said...

so cute. I'm glad to be all caught up, was wondering where you were!! tell the boys Hi! we miss and love them tons and good luck with swimming Austin!