Monday, December 7, 2009

Thanks giving

what a day.  I hosted Thanksgiving this year at my house so I was in charge of the turkey and it was good I mean good with a capital GGGGG.  It was stuffed with onions and covered in bacon! you heard me.  I could have eaten it for weeks Oh wait I did.  However to get that wonderful turkey I did have to set the oven on fire.  Let me explain The turkey was really big and I had to use those flimsy foil baking pans well..... It had a little hole in the coner and all the drippings were leaking out and down into the drip pan with the gas flame, causing it to burn and flames to come up out of the bottom of the oven.  I'm screaming at Bryan what do I do what do I do, and of course Bry is as calm as ever and said turn off the oven, which I did and promply the flames died down. Thank goodness for his level headedness.

All in all the day was wonderfu,l full of family and love and food.  I'm greatful for my kids my husband and extended family, life would be so lonley if family wasn't around.  I'm so glad that both sets of parents live so close to us.

So I do like to get  my tree up the day after thanksgiving, however that was not in the cards.  We were so busy the next day it didn't get done pluse both bry and I had to work. Saturday was out, the game and all, (go BYU) As you can see Bry spray painted the snow for his sad team that didn't win! so as Sunday rolls around I'm ready to get it up.  the lights are finally working  and all is ready.  I worked till 11:00pm to get it just right,  then asked Bry to move it one foot back closer to the window. (my tree is in an urn and realy unstabile)  as he was pushing it I saw in slow motion the tree falling towards me I tried to catch it, funny how that didn't work!  I had so many precious ornaments break I was just sick, but we got it up the next day and it looks just fine.  Its a Chirstmas miracle.

Ok I will post one of the tree in all its glory when it is all finished!


NikkiAWardell said...

I was totally stalking you on Facebook and I found your blog!!! YEAH!!!! This is Nikki Armstrong--now Wardell from Kiddie Kandids!! Do you mind if I follow???

jerseygirl said...

Your table looks gorgeous. Looks like you had a ton of fun. Just seeing dad makes me totally homesick. But we'll see you soon!! have a great Christmas! call me when your at moms, ok? love you.