Monday, December 21, 2009

The first week of Christmas

On the first week of Chirstmas my true love gave to me.....a concert for the Entire family.  But first we had to do this.......

Mon, we went to see the tree lighting in Draper at the city hall.  Brittons choir group sang and was so cute!  we saw the most delightful Santa I swear he was the real one!!  he chatted and laughed with my kids for at least 3 min, he didn't seem to be in a rush!  He told Tanner that he loved him and to be good in school, and that he was truly a wonderful little boy, I did start to tear up alittle, I don't know if it was from truly being touched or from holding back my laughter cause Tanner was a little stinker in school that day and got a naughty note sent home with him, (with things to work on).

Tues.  this was again such a wonderful experence for our children we went to the live nativeity.  Our darling neighbors who adopted 4 little black babys had one of there babies (Rider) as the baby Jesus so tender to see them there with their little baby and not even notice that Jesus isn't realy black. The spirit was so strong and it manafested to me that love doesn't come in colors!!! It comes from the heart!!!

Wed.  The anual downsyndrom party.  It was so cute. They had a DJ who played music all day and you should have seen Tanner bust a move.  He was also picking up on all the cute girls who were there to help.  It was an egeal prodject why didn't we think of that?  They too had a darling Santa who huged and loved every child.  They had great prizes like teddy bears and coloring book for all the kids and the best chocolate brownies coved in chocolate chips pepermint icecream and homemade hotfudge,  just looking at it I gain 5lbs. Delishous. 

Thursday. Tay didn't feel well the boys had Special needs mutual bry was gone so I  just stayed in a read my book now that was lovely!!!!

Friday  we went the the concert in Alpine. Every year we take the kids to a fun chirstmas concert.  we thought this one was going to be great. They had 6 diffrent performers so we thought we would get a great varitity NOT!  Now dont get me wrong I loved it but the whole thing was violin and piano solos and duets with some of the preformers singing my 4 boys were so  bored!  I did feel alittle bad for them, they are use to rockn out with ryan shupe Tay fell asleep and brit was almost out, Austin had a head ach and Tanner was so wiggley but a little culture never hurt anyone, I hope they are better for it!

Saterday was Bry work party.  Its so funny I spent the whole 1st hour taking photos of every couple who came so that they could have a georgous chritmas photo for there scrapbook or blog or whatever and in the end Bry and I didn't even get ours taken I was so buged when I realized that!!!!!  The food was to die for and the choclate mint cake was fantastic.  The entertainment was ok nothing fabulous, I could have done as well.  I felt bad for them cause everybody was talking or texting and not paying attention, the music was too slow.  They did have some high points so I shouldn't be too hard on them, again I liked it and could have listend all night Chirsmas music is my favorite.

So now the week is done and next week is even busier I have to work 2 days at the gap 2 days tending and 1 up in bountiful with Granny, not to mention I have to be at the school 2 days pta lunch and a nouther 2 parties. Kurt Bestor was last week and it was so lovely, we ate at the Lion House and it was divine!  I love the hollidays!


jerseygirl said...

fun pictures! looks like you are busy, busy. But a lot of memories. Yes, I too feel bad for the boys long night of music listening. They'll probably never forget it though. (I still remember going with mom to a paino concert) love you and hope you can enjoy a nice peaceful, quiet Christmas, lol!!

Jennifer said...

Hope you don't mind....I've located your blog through your sister's. I am actually excited to ba able to keep up with your family better. Glad to hear that I'm not the only one who feels like there's a million things going on during this time of the year. The only bonus for me is that school is out...therefore, I don't have to work! Whhoooohooo, two full weeks off.

Lanae said...

Whoa - slow down there, honey!
You have been a busy lady! How cute is that - Tanner picking up on the girls! It was fun to see you at the Dehlins. I can't wait to start doing our Tues/Thurs lunches again so we can all catch up. Looks like you guys had a FUN Christmas break!!