Friday, January 22, 2010

Tay loves Basket Ball?

This is so funny. Taylor begged to play basketball, for weeks thats all we heard about.  So Bryan decided to put a team together and coach. We had such a great turn out, everyone wanted to play.  Tay was so excited to play he could hardly stand it.  He had his friends his dad and basket ball what more could he want?  Well.... there is one problem Tay is not agressive on the court, he runs up and down, back and forth and never gets the ball.  He never grabs it from the other team, his team (which is a little older) never really pass to him cause he is just standing in the back ground talking with kids on the other team or trying to figure out what way they are running.  Its so cute but funny when at the end of a game he says I never get the ball.  I tell him to go out a get it, Bry says just have fun.  I think he will turn out more like Bry when he grows up, just out for fun, what happens will happen and hey you get snacks and juice boxes every game what's better than that?


Incog & Nito said...

Funny,funny - as long as he is having fun!!! Enjoy your weekend.

jerseygirl said...

He's sooooo cute! I love that he's so sweet and nice, he'll learn eventually!

Rebecca said...

I love it!! Too funny!