Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The end of one sport the start of somthing new!

Austin is done with swim and none too soon. He has been without a car since he broke the axel on his car Christmas break, which means I was running all over at 6am and 5pm, tring to find friends houses where he had been droped off UUGGHHH!!! now he has Lacrosse practice 3 days a week and still his new car mind you is not running, it doesn't help that we bought him a piece of junk we should know better than that!!!!  anyway on to more important things.

 Austin did so well this year in swim and keeps getting better, he will be on Swim USA this May so that will help him train for next year.  But for now we are concentrating on Lacrosse and praying for warm weather so we wont freeze watching them play.

this was Austins time in the 500 I think his second time ever doing this race, second place we were so excited for him!

Taylor showing off his very hot skinny legs that havent seen the sun in 5 months!
Taylor was so excited to finnaly make some baskets this year in Basketball.  It was his first year so it took him the whole season to get the  hang of it, Finaly in that last few games he was getting into it.  Now we have to talk him into Baseball he is not to excited to start that up, but like everything eles he will love it when he is playing with his friends..... he better after paying $130 to get him signed up what a racket!!!!!


Jennifer said...

It's fun to see your kids doing their different sports activities. My kids aren't into sports, which is just fine with me- outdoor soccer, baseball, etc. sounds horrible here in the land of endless rain! Bring on the indoor activities.

Lanae said...

WOW, that's all I have to say. You're a busy mamma!