Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Valintines parties

Valentines started on Feb. 1 for Bryan. I made him a valentine every day telling him something that I loved about him that I never tell him, like I love that he tucks the boys into bed every night with daddy payers. That he makes sure the house is locked up, and that he calls to tell me he loves me every day! It’s the little things that get missed and I don’t want him to feel like I don’t notice what a great Dad and Husband he is.

Class parties are always so much fun. This year Britton’s class had a baking party. We had little cake stand made from Valentine plates and cups and dishes to look like cake stands then we put on the chef hats and started cooking. We had the kids dip chocolate coved strawberries, decorated cookies and I brought those huge Costco chocolate muffins that we frosted and decorated with conversation hearts. Then we wrapped them all up in cellophane and sent them home with them. I know that most of the kids were going to eat them on the bus on the way home, even though they were for their mothers. (I was there and I still didn't get to eat mine) I think they had a great time but it seems that next year we need to teach the kids what Valentines is all about, showing love to others not eating as much chocolate as possible. (Don’t get me wrong I would definitely get behind a holiday that about eating chocolate!)

That night I had my dinner party. It was a lot of fun to eat and catch up with friends.

I have explicit directions not to post Julies photo on Face book but I have to put it on my blog she is my best friend and she has the best hair out of our whole group! This is what was on the menu. Chicken Pillared with a whip cream sauce, green beans, parmesan risotto, salad and bread sticks, and Heidi’s yummy squash soup (so good). Then a dessert bar with Crème Brule, mint chocolate cups, chocolate coved strawberries, raspberries bars in a letche sauce, last but not least Dear lizzy cup cakes! YUMMMY!
Then to top off the week we went to Bridgette Servers Chinese New Year’s party. She made everything from scratch. She learned authentic cooking from a Chinese lady met at Harmon’s. I wish I could be so outgoing and daring! Any way it was a great night with amazing food and desserts. I love having such great friends who are such great examples to me and my family, we are truly blessed to live where we do and have so many people who love us! Happy Valentine’s Day.

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