Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Beach banners and welcome home!

I would love to live at the beach its just my happy place.  When any body says go to your happy place i end up sitting on the damp sand at some stunningly beautiful beach around 6 o'clock (that's when the sun hits the water just right and the whole ocean is one big pot of glitter!)  I love the smell the sound and the way my hair gets all wavy and piecey and wind blown, (you just can't pay for that look)  I love the colors tan and blue sliver and white, I love the happy people the weekend feel the way food always taste better when your lips are covered in sea spray......  So it was fitting that i made this cute banner for my office so that i could be re- mined of the beach every day.. I have photos of us on beaches i have the sand the shells the sea glass i even have wave sounds on my computer, now if I can only get a tan while creating in my craft room I'd be all

this is a cute little banner i whipped up for a home coming, I didn't have great paper so i just used the stuff i had, it turned out ok and all seemed to match in the end. i did some really cute picks for the food
table but sadly don't have a photo to show ya!

Last but not least my cute little husband is continuing the year of Michelle and gave me for my July gift the best best best yummyest bath foam ever!!! I love Sephora!!!! its all fruity tropical smells and of course my white tea lotion from Origins that is just to die for!!! Thanks bry I love you too!!!


laura kate said...

Cute banners, cute husband. I just heard the news of the new calling...as if you didn't already keep a busy schedule...he'll be so great in it...and you'll need that beach retreat! We got to catch up with Austin during the Draper Parade, he was so cute with Noah.

jerseygirl said...

so cute! I want a beach room too! what is Bry's calling? you need to call me, I'll try you this weekend. Cute banners! (yes, cute husband....spoiled wife, lol!!) love ya!