Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Camping with the boys

Bry loves to camp and takes every spare weekend to go, with his friends or with the boys.  Me I don't like to camp so I just stay home in the peace and quite and catch up on my TiVo. 

 Here are some great photos of Bry with Tanner and Boomer (his friend) fishing with Cast for Kids.  Its such a great programme that takes Special needs kids fishing, they give them poles and take them out on boats Tanner has done it for a few years and lookes forward to it every year!

Bry took the boys out to..... well I can't remember but they had a great  time with the fire and leaving their mark (go Alta).  They saw the meteor shower and Taylor couldn't believe that there was that many stars.  "How come there is more stars down here than in Draper?"  It was cold and dirty and they just loved every minute of it!

We had so much fun at Seven Peaks this year. We got season passes and went once a week with the neighborhood and  a few times with just us!  My kids loved it, and I could spend all day in the wave pool, its so relaxing floating on the tube while being rocked to sleep (that is until one of my kids thinks I look too relaxed and tries to tip me over).  What a fun place and what a fun summer we had. So sad to see it end, but then again I won't miss all the teasing and fighting, but will miss the help around the house and fun that we have together eating out, shopping, swimming movies.... goodbye summer hello school!


Jennifer said...

I would love to take the kids to Seven Peaks sometime. It looks fun. I agree, I am really sad to see summer end. I will miss the kids when school starts again. Thank goodness we have until Sept. 2.

jerseygirl said...

aww! so cute....and lucky you the kids go camping!! it is always sad to see summer go, I agree...hopefully one of these summers I'll be home with you adn will be at seven peaks together after I loose 20 lbs, lol!!