Thursday, August 26, 2010

End of Summer

Ok don't get me wrong I love to send my kiddies back to school to actually clean and have it stay clean! to go out to lunch and not worry that I've been gone for 3 hours, to sit and read a book without interruption... OK this hasn't happened yet cause school has only been in for a week and well lets face it, I'm crazy busy canning tomatoes (don't ask) making dinner for darling sick neighbors visiting Granny (she is not doing well) cleaning out my summer stuff and trying to put it all away while taking inventory of kid clothing for the up coming winter season etc, etc, etc, but someday soon maybe in Oct I will kick back and enjoy the quite for a bit.

We had such a great dinner in the canyons with our cute neighbors, they are terrific campers and love to Dutch oven so we benefited greatly from their knowledge and expertise, and  had the  most delightful yummy dinner. (why does everything taste better in the mountain air?) 

 The kids hung out the moms talked the dads stood around and talked shop (whatever that means).  We had a great time.  Its sad to see the lazy days of summer end, did I just say Lazy?  Whatever! 

  Here's to a new school year, to having a Sr. in high school (I know how did that happen?) and a sop.  go Tanner!   Then Britton the BMOC  as a 6th grader, and Tay Tay in 2nd.  Those little boys are just growing up too fast!!! but I love this stage my teenagers are so fun to hang out with and Brit is such a great helper, and well Tay keeps us all on our toes..  Welcome Fall! 


jerseygirl said...

mhere's to enjoying quiet days again!! yeah right, does that happen?

Jennifer said...

I was looking forward to that (start of the school year) too. Now, I am going to be teaching 1st grade (totally last minute) for a couple of days, maybe longer. So much for saving all my projects until the kids went back to school! (That was a bad idea.) Now it's back to school for all of us.
I can't believe that your little red-head is so big. Last I remember seeing him, he was wearing a BIB!