Friday, September 10, 2010

Moab the last fling!

I love Moab the red rock the dry heat the sun the hiking, what could be better?  The best part of having boys is they love that stuff no complaining about hiking heat and dirt! 

The first day the boys ran the river and the little kids and mom's went shopping.  We did take the little kiddies to the small easy hikes like north and south windows, and the back side of Delicate.  Tay had the worst melt down ever!!! I have never seen such a crazy display of frustration from him.  He is so  dramatic and intense, he puts his all in everything he is doing good or bad. When he lost it and we were surrounded by people, I just didn't know what to do, I'm surprised he made it out alive! (he did lose some of his spending money), but by the way I was squeezing his hand I'm suprised he didn't loose his fingers!

The next day we hiked the double O, with all the kids.  It took us about 4hr.  including the wrong turn (we were lost for about a half hour) it was about 5 miles. 

The older kids kept taking off climbing up mountain hiding from us running ahead, so my revenge was they had to pose for a picture every time they took off. (I got  A LOT of pictures)  On the way back Austin went a head and didn't tell any one I could have killed him, but I kept thinking if he's in trouble I'd feel nervous and panicky, but I just felt mad that he was sitting at the car and we were all helping Tanner and the little kids.  What a little stinker her can be at times, he said he just needed to be alone for a min., which is fine if he would have told us.

We found the best little swimming hole, the kids had so much fun cliff diving.  There was a better swim hole up the Mt. a half a mile but the little kids didn't want to climb up there, so we just stayed at the lower waterfall and cooled off in the HOT sun.  Austin said that was the best part of Moab.  I  can't believe that my kids jumped off the 10 foot ledge it seemed higher than the high dive at the pool. and then Austin jumped from the top with our friends daughter Hannah, I can't believe they jumped off a 25ft ledge, scary!

The little boys and dad's went on a sunrise hike to Delicate arch, I slept in with Austin and Tanner,  hiking is hard on Tanners ankles he really should be in hiking boots to support his bad ankles, he said "No more hiking"!  So we stayed at the cabin and relaxed and ate breakfast and talked it was fun.  We shopped for tee shirts, except Tay who got a sling shot,  I know I know but I said he can only use hard marshmallows, so  we will see if that happens. 
All in all a great last trip of the summer, well for the kids.   We are going to Key West soon so that will be a vacation where as when we take the kids its a trip, there is a difference!


laura kate said...

Great pictures, Adventure Team Inkleys! I have lived in Utah way to long to have not been to Moab. It may be a few more years before our kids can handle it. (I deal with crazy meltdowns if put the sippy cup lid on wrong!)

jerseygirl said...

great pictures! they are so cute....

Jennifer said...

Loved that trip when we did that in college. It's about time to revisit Arches and Monument National Parks WITH the kids!

Lanae said...

What a fun trip! Isn't UT just the best state - there's so much to see and do here.

Annie said...

Looks like sooo much fun! I'm not sure my family would make a five mile hike without all of us having major meltdowns!