Monday, September 27, 2010

Turning forty in Key West part 1

What a fantastic trip. Poor Bry did not want to throw me a big 40th birthday, he wanted to take  me somewhere so fun that I wouldn't have time to think about how old I'm getting.  We started the trip with a red eye out to Miami which was dreadful as you well can imagine no sleep and the worst seats on the plane for the first leg and best seats on the plane for the shorter second leg.

 We landed on Friday to hear President Nathan Hale, (the mission pres. for So. Florida, the friends we went with are neighbors from Bountiful)  He was a wonderful speaker and so fun to talk to afterward.  He introduced us to the missionary's in Key West and so we took them to lunch on Mon. for Elder Jones birthday.  Such sweet boys and to think that will be Austin in 15 months.... We stocked up the fridge and read our books by the pool, then had the boys cook steaks on the grill with the yummest salsa, why does food always taste so good after a day in the sun?

This gecko took a shower with me on Monday night, I thought it was fake at first till it started crawling up the wall.  It reminded me of the one that lived in our dorm room in Hawaii, except that one was green! so funny.

Tuesday we got ready to jet ski around the island of Key West.  That had to be the best day!!!! we took the jet ski's out for 2 hours and the guild showed us all the fun places to hang out, some of the history and where Oprah's house is.  We had so much fun racing and driving in the ocean.  I stood up a lot and boy could I feel my thighs shaking! We hung out at a sister resort and played on their beach for the rest of the day, they brought us Popsicles and drinks and frozen towels, what service!  I tell you what I really felt 40 the next day which is not a good thing!!!!  We watched a movie  that night and made brownies in someone else condo cause ours was a handicap unit and we didn't have an oven. We looked so funny walking past the pool with our brownies and hot pads! And to top it off another fabulous sunset!

 Wed. we rented scooters and went around the city to seeing everything.  We went to the lighthouse which is in the middle of town (Key west has been built up over the years) Hemingway's house, to the end of highway 1 and the last house in the United States.  We were so excited to see the southern most part of the U.S. and the cute land mark how ever it was being repainted and being the layed back town that it is, it wasn't getting finished anytime soon. 

 Of course we had to eat at Margaritaville (the original one) Bry just loves Jimmy Buffet so we had to see all the stores and bars that are featured in his songs.  We got caught in a downpour and I mean open up the sky and dump everything in the clouds down like a bucket rain!!! We were on our  scooters and it was dark and we had to ride around the island to the shop where are car was parked and turn in the scooters.  We took that time to shop along Deval St.  and buy our souvenirs for the kids. About a half and hour later it had cleared up and we were on our way. The weather is so funny, if its raining at one dive location then go to the other side and find one that's not,  that's how it works down in Sunny Florida. 

more later on the rest of the trip :)


Jennifer said...

What a fun trip! We never made it to Key West when we went. Looks like you had a great birthday.

jerseygirl said...

how fun, love the pics. what I love most is the motor sooters. That's what we rented in Hawaii. That brings back memories, and reminds me of when I was twenty again. Speaking of, you look like you're still twenty. No fair... although I know what you're secret is, I just gotta do it!!! love ya and miss you already!!