Friday, October 29, 2010

my Special Olympian

Tanner is such a supper star!  I love watching him compete in swimming. He won two gold metals at state.

Then a few days later he swam his first Alta High meet his goggles came off and he didn't turn around to go back to the starting point but he got the most cheers of all the kids the teams went wild screaming and clapping and yelling for him both Alta and Bountiful.  I was in tears it was so exciting!  I love when I can witness what a wonderful child he is and how much he touches others lives.  Some times I get so sad that he wont drive or go to collage or live a normal life.  I'm so focused on my little pinpoint of a life I need to pull back and see the whole the picture and just be happy that I have such a great kid who can do so much!
Austin also did well he is such a great swimmer and I love that he takes such great care of Tanner.  What am I going to do when he is on his mission!!!!

Oh and can I just say that after the swim meet we raced off to Austins Choir performance. I love a good concert!! I know he doesn't love that class but I love going to hear him sing!


Jennifer said...

I still can't believe the boys are getting so old. Thanks for sharing all their accomplishments with us.

Lanae said...

Go Tanner! Tanner came and trick-or-treated at our house last night, he looked so cute!