Thursday, November 4, 2010

my awsome boys!

Britton rocks! he has worked so hard this year in Lacrosse.   All his Lacrosse buddies were playing football and he chose to work on lacrosse so that he could make the A team this spring.  Being a goalie is so hard because its your fault if you win or lose, ok it not!!! but sometimes the poor goalie takes the blame for the crappy defenders or the middy who cant run the ball.  Brit has such a great attitude and can brush off so much. 

Britt. thanks for working so hard and trying to make your self better with sports or music or homework, you are so awesome!!!

 Tanner I had so much fun going to the football banquet, the Alta football teams just loves you.  You call them your boys, they love having you at the practices and working out with them I hope that next year you will be just as in love with football as you are right now.  At the dinner they gave you an award, the award was a speicial recognition for being such a great insiration to the team.  I was crying my camera was running out of bateries and the whole team was cheering. It warmed my heart to see so many cool boys yelling and cheering
for my boy.


Jennifer said...

Your boys are doing some fun things. I rarely see kids playing lacrosse in our area; looks like it's popular in Utah. Keep them doing all the great activities and sports - it makes for well-rounded kids.

Lanae said...

How fun! You are such a go-er and a do-er and you're such a great mom. Hope to see ya soon.