Thursday, January 6, 2011

Chirtmas Day

We had so much fun the few days before Christmas.  This is my favorite time of the season, the cards are sent (well most of them got out)  the presents are purchased wrapped and under the tree. the house is clean (well we can dream can't we) and all the hubbub is over except the hanging with family part, which is why its my favorite time of the season. 

Every year we go down town to sleep over in the City and look at the lights go to movies eat out every meal (my personal favorite)  We also get to take all our donations that we have collected at Oak Hollow to the road home and to children shelters.  This year I saw an old man sleeping on the side walk and my heart just broke so I took a big warm brand new coat from the bag and saved it so that after we did the drop offs we could give him this one gift.  Bry took the coat and got out of the car and was suddenly swarmed with homeless people.  I was a little nervous cause there was some really large black men in the group..  With our children looking on from the car we watched as Bry took the coat and draped it over the sleeping man.  I was filled with gratitude for what we have and how much we are blessed.   When Bry got in the car he said he was bombarded with the people wanting food.  I felt so sad for them and pray that they will find the strength to rise above their circumstance.

We then went to see the lights dinner at Rio Grand and swimming in the hotel pool.  The next day I took the boys to see Tangled so cute!!! wasn't sure if they would like it but hey whats not to like about 3D right?  then off to the mall to chase down a girl Austin knows who works at American Eagle.  We also went to the Grand America to see the windows.

It was so fun to tell the boys about the ZCMI windows and how when we were kids we would go down town to see them every year.  We got treats at the little french pastries shop (DARLING) and then it was off to Nana's for Christmas eve dinner.

Before we left for dinner at Nana's we had to give our Christmas Jar away. For the last few years we have a jar with money, all the change from our pockets the laundry and change I find around the house.  and we give it to someone in need.  I wanted to help a mom but we could find the right person.  Finally driving around I thought lets just pick a house and drop it off.  we all prayed as we were driving around to find the house that needed a little extra money this year.  We finally agreed on one and I hope it was the right one.  Austin took the money to the door and when he came back he was touched and said this is the right house I know it.  I love teaching my kids that even though we don't have it all lots of people have even less.

We love going to Nana's and Papa's the kids got fun boogie boards for the trip to the beach house which will be the last one with Austin, now that he will be going on a mission next year.  They got California tee shirts surf cars ankle bracelets I truly felt warm and ready for the beach.....lets go!!

Chritmas morning with four boys is noisy at the lest.  We told the boys that 7:30 is the earliest they could get up.  They were suppose to clean up the basement before we left for our little trip and they had not.  So I instructed the boys that they were to clean up before they went to bed or else.  Well come Christmas morning the basement was a mess.  (They had slept down there altogether)  I made them vacuum and pick up a bit before they came up.  I think this will go down in the Mom is crazy file.  what was I thinking?  All I could see was the mess and knowing full well my kids are slobs the bigger mess to come! 

Even though it was a small Christmas for the kids they didn't care, they seemed to love everything thing they got and were happy and sweet all day long (ok most of the day).


Jennifer said...

I totally remember going to see the windows at ZCMI for Christmas. It's fun to be able to continue that tradition albeit in a different place. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. Happy 2011

jerseygirl said...

What a great Christmas!! your boys are so cute. And its great that you teach them life long lessons they'll remember forever... I missed nana's house and can't wait to see you all soon in cali!