Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Newport beach fab retreat!

I had so much fun getting away for a week all by myself. Ok I was with my mom and dad in Newport Cal. at the Marriott. I did nothing but well babysit my mom and dad and boy that was hard let me tell you!!
 Every night when the tied was going out we would look for sea glass down at Crystal Cove.  Last year I found a small handful this year I had a huge baggie full.  Then when I left my mom said that it was all gone and their was no more small pile of rocks just sand.  Its amazing that different times of day and month really affect the tied and our sea glass obsession.
 I love Rogers floral and deco store. I could spend all day there smelling the flowers and looking at all the pretty things.  They were getting so mad that I was taking pictures with my phone.  they kept giving me dirty looks but I just loved the ideas and I know I wouldn't be able to remember them when I got home.

 Will boys ever grow up?

 If you look close you can see the sea lions, there were five of them and they were playing in the water splashing around they were so fun to watch.
 getting chocolate marshmallow malts at the shake spot atop crystal cove.
 all I can say is YUMM I love sea food and there is nothing better than fresh shrimp from the crab cooker!
 We also at Blue water.  It was the second best lobster roll I have ever had ( the first being on the Jersey shore).
 Love the Newport temple so beautiful and peaceful.  not to mention the 6 Bentley's in the parking lot, i guess really rich people know the Church is true too.
 view from our deck at the Marriott.


Jennifer said...

Sounds like you had a great time. My parents had a great visit with your parents just before you were there. Wish I could have been there too; it looks beautiful.

jerseygirl said...

gorgoeous, gorgeous, gorgeous is all I can say!! ( and couldyou pleae give me photo lessons when we're in Capistrano- i may however need a new camera!)