Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentines Party

 I love Valentines day!  I spent all day on Friday at the kids school doing Valentine's parties.  They were so cute passing out their valentines to each classmate.  We played games and ate sugar cookies you know the basics.  The funny thing this year is that I let the kids decorate their own valentine boxes.  Taylor had kissing stuffed animals on top of his and Brittons was a toilet that said Love Stinks.  So funny!  when I got to school i was amazed at all the creative moms out their who come up with some amazing boxes.  (Maybe next year)

 I don't do much decorating for Valentines day but I'm obsessed with coffee filter flowers and made a heart and a wreath for my deco this year.  I love white as you well know so this fit in so well with my living room!

 ok so you can't see but my gold silverware was a big stand out on the burlap table cloth I made.  just the right amount of sparkle, texture and early 90"s flatware! he he

Every year I host a  party for Christmas or Valentines day.  This year I had some fun neighbors over for dinner.  I love decorating and doing take home gifts.  So much fun.

we had chicken pillared and for dessert (along with the desert bar) we had chocolate souffles YUMM!  I was worried that they would fall but they were creamy and chocolaty. (ok 2 more min in the oven would have been a bit better).
I love photoshop!  and I love the way my valentine deco looks with my new turquoise deco this year!

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