Monday, March 14, 2011

Proms and Parties

Tanner looked so cute going to his first prom.  The PLT class asked out the special need kids.  They took them to spaghetti mamas and then the dance where they took pictures and danced.  When Tanner got out of the car he headed straight for This darling girl.  He said "You my date!"  This was said as a statement not a question and she smiled and said Yes Tanner I'll be your date.  DARLING GIRL!!!!  Austin and Brock said that Tanner danced with every girl at the dance.  He would just go up to them and say hey wana dance?  even if they had a date.  He really got around.  He had so much fun and thinks that Prom should be every weekend. 
Austin also went to prom with a darling friend of the family Ashley  she lives in Bountiful and after grabbed his corsages at 3:00 I didn't see him till Sunday at 11 when he walked into church.  I don't count the 10 min when he came home Saturday night (he spent Fri night at Brandon's Grandparents house in Kaysville) and told me a bit about the dance cause I was so tired I couldn't keep my eyes open.  He loves his purple bow tie and spenders that he gets to keep seeing that he no longer has to rent a tux when his choir tux will work just fine,  that saves us 100$.

Why do I have a photo of Austin and all his friends corsages?  well I always make Austins cause it cost 28$ for a three rose corsage at Harmon's.OUCH  so I just do it, they never look that professional but I put a lot of bling in it so the girls think they're cute.  I was stressing when Austin said I he needed 5 but I think I pulled it off they all looked different and I love the black one with the feathers my fav!!! the picture is diseving they are real big and heavy I was worried they would be slipping off the girls wrists all night.
Party time.... I love to have a party how ever my house is so small and with 8 families it was kinds squishy but hey we are all friends and love to cuddle up!  5 of us had to go to a trek fireside so it was eat fast and talk fast and clean up fast.  But oh so fun I just love our neighborhood!  I won a "House Party"  for Philly cream cheese and they sent me  a box of fun stuff so I did have cute take away favors.

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jerseygirl said...

oh my gosh Tanner looks adorable. I just love him so much. So handsom, and cute. macy is going to love those pictures. I'm glad they had fun and the crosages turned out so cute!! you're so takented. Miss you guys ton!!