Monday, March 28, 2011

Tanners 16

We have been celebrating Tanners birthday for a week.  It started with  candy bars for breakfast, don't judge me its just once a year.  Then a Costco cake for his class at school after which Bry took him to boondocks where they mini golfed did go carts then got rained on.  Good news is they have rain checks to go another day yea way to drag it out!!!  Then we took a few of his friends in his Sunday school class to a movie pizza and more cake.

they had so much fun and Tanner felt like a rock star there we 16 of us for his 16th birthday. We did miss some of his friends, so Tanner informed us he needs anouther party so he can invite the rest of the gang, I promptly said no!

Sunday we had him ordained a priest it was so neat, Bry gave him such a neat blessing.  I truly hope that all who hears him bless the sacrament will be touched by his wanting to so bad to do so. 
We had the whole family over for dinner ok not the whole family cause the cousins think it too far to drive or people have meetings or what ever but it was great and the food was yummy (white spicy dip for tortilla chips, will post that later)  and more cake this time from Shmits  our favorite chocolate mint again our favorite and yes we ate the whole thing like the pigs we are.  so lets recap candy bars for breakfast 3 cakes pizza Mexican chips and salsa  over all a great b-day  Happy Sweet 16 Tanner!


Jennifer said...

I can't believe he's that old. I remember holding him when he was a newborn! Happy 16th Tanner!

Bob said...

awww! Happy Birthday Tanner....I was there in heart!! I love ya bud, you're the best and hopefully will always be your number one girl, cause you'll always be my number one guy!!

jerseygirl said...

that was me Tan not Bob, although I think he remembers you the best from the very begining of our relationship and I know he loves you a ton!!