Friday, July 29, 2011

Capistrano part 2

 For my birthday this year Bry made me these to Die for Frames!!! I love them so much and they have had the cutest beach photos of my kids in them this year.  well now I'm going to update them with some of these.  I might even put them in my entry way?? ok maybe I'll go for just the head shot again for those..

 Every day the kids would skim board or boogie board they would fall and crash and  get cut up from the rocks and still every day they would try again they are so awsome!

 I love this photo shopped picture of Britton its one of my fav's  I'm going to blow it up and put it in his room..

 Tay loved finding all the sticks and shells and sea glass he begged us to let him bring this one home but we just couldn't fit it into the car wink wink :)


Jennifer said...

Your boys are so cute (and/or handsome, depending on their age). That sounds like a trip I could use right now!

jerseygirl said...

I adore your pictures, you're so lucky you know photo shop! but regardless your boys are so cute and you're so talented with the camera you don't need it. I love taylors pics they all turned out so well!! he is such a cutie I just love them all to death! thanks for watching macy, she had such a good time! she can't wait to see Austin....