Sunday, November 6, 2011

New York New York

I love saying that I'm flying to New York to see my sister!!!  It doesn't have the same ring when I say I'm flying to East Rutherford New Jersey to see my sister.  We spend all  our days in the City or on the Jersey shore. I love it back east.

I love my Sis and my niece Macy shes sooooo cute!  We sang the whole week I even learned her cheer dance and dang I still have it! ha ha

The food was yummy as always even the fish head, well that's what was left of the fish so good I just had to keep the head away from me so that the fish wasn't looking at me.  I love Cuban food!!!

 The Lion King was so fabulous, I wasn't sure if I would like it (dancing animals and all) but it was spectacular!!! I would see it again the music was so much fun and the interactions with the audience with all the animals was incredible!!
all in all a great trip!! too short and my sister is the best, not to mention Bobby for letting her play all week.  Love you guys.

 The windows in Soho are fabulous!!! I wish I had a black AE with a fairy godmother to pay the bill and let me loose in Soho, I could have done some damage
 I want to live in Soho in my next life!!! the shopping is to die for.  the window displays are so creative and intriguing  I love the idea of having everything you need right at your finger tips cafes grocery's clothing stores Louie Viton, what more do you need?

 Awhhh my favorit drink!!! and I do have to say that I love the X factor as well, nothing is done half way around time square.

The windows in SoHo are fabulous!!! I wish I had a black AE with a fairy godmother to pay the bill and let me loose in SoHo, I could have done some damage.


Jennifer said...

We love Lion King. We've seen it twice now, and I would do it again (if given the opportunity). I'm glad you had such a fun trip visiting your sister.

jerseygirl said...

I love your pictures! thanks for visiting you're the best sister ever, I always have so much fun with you! I'm glad you bring out my adventurous side!! and pretty soon I won't be working, then we can really play!!