Sunday, December 4, 2011

christmas is up 2011

 Christmas is up so let the parties begin!!  I'm one of the stops on the progressive dinners for the Relief society.
 Love my little cones I  made last year with dollar store tinsel spray pained to look vintage. so easy and so cute!
 This would look better without the lamp but as we have no overhead lighting I so need it there.
 Oh my favorite find last year after Christmas a gold Christmas tree. Oh how I love it. I'm still searching for tan stringed lights, I know I can get them on the Internet but I haven't gotten that far:)
 was black sprayed it cream added a bow, glittered the runners and wham new deco.
 skates I did last year love to modpodge.
 Ok so its not finished but still cute and the barn wood on the side of the road was an Ashley find thanks girl.

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